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Veranstaltungskalender der TU Berlin

Samstag, 07.12.2019

translocations. Historical Enquiries into the Displacement of Cultural Assets

05.12.2019 - 07.12.2019
Art der Veranstaltung:

Who owns cultural assets? Who has narrative control? What could fair and just solutions look like in dealing with them, independently of restitution?
Discussion about historical appropriation practices for cultural assets in the context of their associated relocation are highly topical and widely reflected across different academic disciplines. Not only are seizures and sales of objects and collections considered problematic which were forced by violence or under dictatorial government structures, but widespread public criticism has also been directed towards the exhibition of artefacts with unclear provenance, amongst other issues.
Increasingly, such questions concern those who work in the art market, museums, politics and the media, scholars from diverse disciplines such as ethnology, archaeology, and law, as well as artist and writers. Yet the translocations as such rarely come to focus – with the people involved, the related traumas, discourses, gestures, techniques and representations, all of which will be the primary focus of the conference.

Open to the public. Admission is free but seats are limited. The conference language is English.

Zeit: 5.12., 14 Uhr bis 7.12.2019, 13.30 Uhr

Kontakt: Merten Lagatz

Tel: 030 314-25016


Link: www.translocations.net

TU Berlin, Institut für Kunstwissenschaft und Historische Urbanistik, Fachgebiet Kunstgeschichte der Moderne
TU Berlin, Fakultätsforum im Architekturgebäude, Straße des 17. Juni 150/152, 10623 Berlin

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