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Questions and answers concerning this year's Queen's Lecture

Lupe [1]

Ladies and gentlemen,

hereunder we have compiled answers to some questions you may have. This way we hope to clear up some uncertainties beforehand.

  • Your entrance ticket
  • General
  • Information for registered guests
  • Accreditation for journalists
  • Lecture
  • Access restrictions
  • Other

Your entrance ticket

I have not received my entrance ticket yet. What can I do?

Please also look into your SPAM-ordner. Your entrance ticket to the Queen's Lecture might have landed there.

I received an entrance ticket. However I cannot view any of the graphics (QR-Code, floor plan). What should I do?

Please make sure that you have activated HTML in your mail client in order to be able to view the graphics. Security settings presumably hide this particular content.

I have received an entrance ticket however I cannot attend the event. Can I give the ticket to someone else??

No. Due to security reasons, we cannot accept any guest other than those who have been registered before. No more applications are possible.

I received a ticket for H104 (Entrance H) or the front court (Entrance V). Will I be able to see the guests if honor and the lecture??

All guests with an entrance ticket for inside will have the opportunity to see our guests of honor.

Unfortunately guests on the front court (Entrance V) will not be able to see the Lecture.

Guests in Lichthof (Entrance L) and H104 (Entrance H) will be able to follow the Lecture through a broadcasting (live) and guests seated in Audimax will see the concert in Lichthof as a live-broadcast.


I have applied for attendance, being a member of the TU community. When will I be informed?

All applications are now being examined. Before the end of the third week in June, all applicants will be informed whether, and in what form they are invited to participate in this year's Queen's Lecture.

Where will the Queen's Lecture take place?

The Queen's Lecture will take place inside and in front of the TU Berlin main building. This necessitates certain access restrictions. Only registered guests and event staff will be permitted access to the restricted areas. Restricted areas include the western foyer with its lecture theaters, the main foyer, the eastern foyer and the Audimax and H 104 as well as the rear areas including CampusCenter and the eastern back entrance on the ground floor. On the first floor, the whole area surrounding the atrium will be restricted, including the galleries on higher floors. Offices within the restricted areas will also be affected.

Can I park on TU-campus premises?

Due to the Queen's Lecture's security arrangements traffic will be impaired caused by parking inhibitions.

- Alle parking lots on campus will be closed from June 22 starting at 7pm until June 24 at 6pm. This part of campus is located between Straße des 17. Juni, Hardenbergstraße and Fasanenstraße.
- The parking lots in front of Chemistry Building C are closed from June starting at 6am until June 24 at 11.59pm.
- All bicycle stands between the front of the main building and Straße des 17. Juni are blocked from June 24 starting at mid-night until June 24 at 5pm. Please remove all bikes in due time. 

Campus entrance Hertzallee/Fasanenstraße is designated for for supplier's traffic exclusively.

No vehicle can park or stand still at Straße des 17. Juni as from June 23 at 10pm until June 24 at 5pm. This also applies to the narrow access road between Ernst-Reuter-Platz and Müller-Breslau-Straße. No bicycles nor motor bikes may be parked on grids nor at Straße des 17. Juni. Any left vehicles will be towed away.

The roadway in front of the TU main building will presumably be blocked in both directions on June 24. 

We recommend that you use public transportation.

Will the event be broadcasted?

Yes, rbb (Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg) will broadcast the event live on TV.

How can I follow the event on social media channels?

The hashtags for this event are #QueeninGermany, #TUBerlin

Is there a dress code?

The dress code to this event is casual.

Am I allowed to take pictures?

Guests are requested not to take photographs of the guests of honor, including using mobile phones, while they are inside the TU Berlin. Thank you for your understanding.

Can I bring food or drinks?

We request not to bring any food and drinks into the secured area. Also, bags and items larger than a hand should stay outside. You are welcome to leave them in our gardrobe facilities, however we suggest to leave bags, jackets and other luggage at home, in order to allow a quick admittance procedure.

How can I contact the organisers?

In case of important questions please contact registration@pressestelle.tu-berlin.de. [2]

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Information for registered guests

I registered but did not receive any confirmation of registration.

If you have registered with your personalised invitation link online and didn't receive any confirmation of registration, then please contact the organisers immediately: registration@pressestelle.tu-berlin.de [3].

My application failed / I have noticed the invitation too late. What can I do?

The application term has now expired. We invite you cordially to view the live broadcasting of the Queen's Lecture's 50th anniversary celebration in rbb television

I have not received my ticket yet. What can I do?

If you are an invited guest of this event, you will receive your entrance card on June 22 latest. Should you not receive your ticket until this date, then please contact us at registration@pressestelle.tu-berlin.de [4].

My e-mail address has changed. What can I do?

We need an e-mail address from you that is functioning in order to send you your ticket. Please let us know if for any reason your e-mail address should have changed in the meantime. Contact: registration@pressestelle.tu-berlin.de [5].

Can you reserve a seat for me?

Since we are expecting a large number of guests, it is not feasible to reserve seats. All invited guests will receive an entrance ticket for a certain area within the building. Thank you for your understanding.

Can I access the building several times?

In order to garantuee a quick admittance procedure for all guests we ask you to proceed to the security checkwell in advance. Also, once you are inside the building we request to please stay inside for the duration of the celebrations.

Thank you for your understanding.

Can I cancel my attendance?

Are you a registered guests for this event? If yes, and you cannot attend on June 24th, we request for a notification e-mail to registration@pressestelle.tu-berlin.de [6]. We would like to make sure that other interested persons can attend in your place. 

My ID / TU-service card has expired. What can I do?

For being able to be admitted to the event, you will need a valid photo identification.

Can I bring accompanying parties, children?

Due to the high interest in this event, we cannot permit accompanying parties this year as this would exceed seating capacities. Thank you for your understanding.

Can I bring luggage (laptops etc.) to the Queen’s Lecture?

Due to security reasons, guests will not be allowed to bring any bags, laptops or other objects larger than one hand inside the secured area. We strongly advise you not to bring any items or jackets to the event as this would delay entrance to the lecture.  We will have only limited capacity for storing objects before you pass the security check.

Can I attend this year’s Queen’s Lecture?

We have now closed the apllication for this year's Queen's Lecture.
Thank you for your understanding.

Due to the special character of the 50th anniversary of the Queen’s Lecture, this year’s invitation management is different from previous lectures. Seating is limited and we expect the interest in the event to exceed capacity. 

The lecture will be broadcasted by rbb television and other television stations.

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Accreditation for journalists

I am a journalist. How can I register?

The accreditation will be managed by the Federal Press Office (Bundespresseamt). They will open the registration process on June 10. On June 12, the detailed program for the state visit will be released, including the event at TU Berlin.

How many places will there be for journalists, and where will they be located?

We would like to give as many journalists as possible the chance to cover the event at TU Berlin. There will be a large media stand in front of the main building. Fifty journalists will be allowed access to the Audimax. The rbb (Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg) will provide a live stream for other stations and will also broadcast the event live on TV. During the accreditation process you will be able to choose between the different spots reserved for journalists. The accreditation is executed by the Federal Press Office (Bundespresseamt).

I'm a radio journalist. How can I take part in the event?

Radio journalists will have the option of accessing the (pool) sound via the switch room at Masurenallee. Unfortunately there will be no possibility for bringing your own recording equipment to the event inside the main building. Please contact:
Gisela Lieven, ++49/(0)30/97993-30304, Coordination
Herrmann Meyerhoff, ++49/(0)30/97993-30300, Coordination
Hans-Jürgen Paesch, ++49/(0)30/97993-58612, Equipment/Technical questions

Will there be a security check for journalists?

Yes, as well as a check of your technical equipment.

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I have a question for the lecturer, Neil MacGregor. How can I communicate this?

Unfortunately there will be no time for questions and answers this year. Thank you for your understanding.

Will a live stream be available?

This year’s Queen’s Lecture will be recorded and broadcast live on TV. Please refer to channel rbb (Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg).

I don’t have a ticket but I want to watch the Queen’s Lecture. What to do?

You can watch the event live on TV.

Will there be translation provided?

This event will be fully in English without translation. The German TV stations will comment the state visit in German.

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Access restrictions

My office is inside the main building, can I work?

On June 24, staff with offices in the main building will be able to enter and exit the building through the side entrances from 7 am onwards. All other staff members (excluding event staff) will not be able to enter the main building before 4 pm. Restrictions will end at 4 pm.

Those who have access to the event due to a personal invitation are requested to bring their full ID as well as the entrance ticket for entrance. You will receive your ticket per e-mail prior to the event.

Will TU staff need to present IDs to enter the main building?

If you are an employee of TU Berlin and your office is located within the main building, you may enter the building from 7 am onwards. A valid work ID or photo ID must be presented at the security checkpoint. This counts for persons occuyping student assistant's positions, too.

I work at TU Berlin, but not in the main building. How can I attend?

If you don't have an admittance ticket, we request that you view the celebration in rbb television. Due to strict security regulations only persons with a personalised entrance ticket will be admitted to the university premises.

Can external persons enter the main building on June 24?

Yes, with your personalised entrance ticket that will be sent to you prior to the event if you have been personally invited to the Queen's Lecture and if you have filled out the registration form within the indicated deadline.

If not, external people will not be allowed to enter the building before 4 pm. This restriction includes delivery staff, business liaisons, sportspeople, and all others. Conferences, meetings etc. with external persons will not be possible before 4 pm. Please consider this when making plans for your own events.

Will regular lectures and courses take place inside the main building on June 24?

Due to the exceptional nature of this anniversary event and the security restrictions, no regular courses or lectures will take place inside the main building on June 24. Certain areas and rooms will already be closed off for the Queen's Lecture on June 22 and 23. Because of this, many courses and lectures have already been moved to different venues. By decision of the TU Berlin Executive Board, the remaining courses and lectures cannot take place inside the main building. Lecturers are free to book different venues by way of LSF as long as vacancies are available.

Will Student Services provide office hours?

All Student Service office hours which are regularly offered in the main building on Wednesdays will be cancelled on June 24. Any deadlines ending on this date will be extended by one day. This affects the following consulting services at the CampusCenter: students' financial support, students@work, examination administration, Bachelor International, reception counter.

What entrance on campus is foreseen for suppliers?

Deliverants please use entrance Hertzallee/Fasanenstraße.

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Can I join the team and work as an assistant to the organizing committee?

This year’s Queen’s Lecture staff has already been chosen out of a pool of regular event employees. Thank you for your interest.

What does the program of the Queen’s visit in Berlin look like?

Please refer to the program published by the British Embassy:
FurtherdetailsoftheStateVisittoGermany17May2015.aspx [7]

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