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Promotional brochure


Our promotional brochure serves to provide you with an up-to-date overview of the general profile, academic performance and courses of study offered by one of Germany’s great technical universities – the TU Berlin. For example, you can discover our university’s fascinating history, the important role it is playing in Berlin’s scientific community and about our wide-ranging endeavors in research and teaching. The brochure also spotlights the university’s efforts to promote national and international cooperation with science, industry and society at large, as well as its commitment to maintaining an alumni network with our graduates. more to: Promotional brochure

Facts and Figures


Statistical data about the TU Berlin: student enrollment, staff, budget, area, curricula and courses, research structure, cooperations as well as contacts and addresses. more to: Facts and Figures

Photo Archives


Our photo archives supply images in printable resolution (300 dpi). These images can be freely downloaded and used in your own publication. more to: Photo Archives

Brochures & Flyers

A number of publications serve to present the university or its individual fields of endeavor to the outside world - some are short and to the point, others lively and colourful. more to: Brochures & Flyers

Presentation slides about the TU Berlin

All TU Berlin personnel have free access to presentation slides. more to: Presentation slides about the TU Berlin

TU Berlin Shop: More than 50 items with TU-logo

For students at American universities it is completely natural, for students at German universities it slowly becomes more common: to wear the universiy’s logo on one’s T-shirt. But the TU Berlin shop sells much more than just T-shirts. Lots of high-quality and original products sport images from the TU Berlin. more to: TU Berlin Shop: More than 50 items with TU-logo

Corporate Design/Design Guidelines

Through implementation of the Content Management System TYPO3, the TU Berlin has put guidelines in place that will ensure consistent internet page design across the entire university. more to: Corporate Design/Design Guidelines

Downloading the TU's Logo

TU Berlin Logo

The official logo of the TU Berlin exists in a number of variants and can be utilized for various purposes. Use of this logo is permitted solely for official purposes at the TU Berlin. more to: Downloading the TU's Logo


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